On writing

“On writing”… with due apologies to Stephen King.

You have amazing thoughts lurking in your mind — vivid thoughts and strong opinions yet to take a form where they can be seen by others. All you have to do is let them out. But unfortunately, that’s where the beginners usually stumble and find difficulty. Our inability to express our feelings sometimes makes us doubt our own volition. But the truth is, we are either bound by our lingual abilities or we’re too lazy to make any effort to improve our skill  set. It is up to you do decide where you belong.

From my brief experience as a writer, here’s what I have to say.

  • Writing is like making a sculpture that everyone likes. You are given a huge monolith and now you’re faced with  the task of making a beautiful sculpture out of it. If you want your sculpture to be liked by everyone, you should give it your  best effort. Similarly, in writing, language is your tool and you should  make the most effective use of this tool to create an elegant essay.
  • The beauty of the end product depends on the time you’ve spent and the aesthetic gain the on-looker gets. Just like an efficient sculptor who carefully marks an outline of what he has to make, you should initially develop an outline an idea of what you have to express and think about how you’re going to do it.
  • There are a lot of sculptors around — so work on every sculpture the way you’d work on your last. After you make the outline, you’re into the business of actually making stuff. Step back regularly and watch the baby you’re about to conceive with the  sternness of a father and the love of a mother.
  • Fix the things you’ve  previously missed, carefully chiseling out the appendages and only leaving out what’s necessary.
  • Now brush the tiny bits here and there with the diligence of an elderly watchmaker working on miniature objects.
  • And now, after giving it your best effort, stand back and marvel at your wonderful creation! It’s up to you to decide if the above task is ‘easy’ or ‘difficult.’

Good luck!


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