Cameras for Left handers.

“Why aren’t cameras made for left handers?”

If you observe the existing trend, you’ll realize that the handy cams, point-and-shoots and SLRs are made for right handers. The handy cams have the holding strap towards their right, the point and shoots and DSLRs have the shutter button to their right.

Most of the left handers don’t find this uncomfortable. In fact, most of them don’t even think that it’s an issue until you point this out. But being a left hander myself, I disagree. It is obviously advantageous to have a camera designed solely for you. You’ll not be able to tell which one is convenient unless you use one!

But here’s the problem. Taking the widely accepted 9:1 right to left handers ratio into consideration, it is economically not feasible to design a camera for a single person among a group of 10 who doesn’t even think of the possibility of a left handed camera. This will drastically increase the production and assembly costs because of which (probably) companies don’t mention this.

So, you should probably stop thinking about this unless you can really afford a left-handed Leica made exclusively for you.


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