There’s always a relevant xkcd

xkcd. A perfect blend of Romance, Sarcasm, Math and Language. Randall Munroe, a former roboticist at NASA and now a mathematician who makes webcomics, captures many of the life’s musings in a very hilarious tone. Some of them may seem subtle and there are also separate webpages to explain an xkcd.

There are a lot of theories as to why the comic was named “XKCD.” Some people say that if you add the numeric values (X+K+C+D i.e 24+11+3+4) you will get the number 42 — the answer to life the universe and everything! But it’s just a coincidence. Randall Munroe said “It’s not actually an acronym. It’s just a word with no phonetic pronunciation — a treasured and carefully-guarded point in the space of four-character strings.”

Here’s a blog that explains xkcd:

And here’s another:

And here’s a website that tells you if XKCD is ‘bad’ on a particular day:



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