From Ivy league to Wow-ey league

Yao Ming, the 7 foot 6 Chinese giant is probably the only Asian to have a fan following this big. Recently, a new talent has popped up and that too, an Asian one, and that too, from Ivy League! How rare is that! This new talent…this new sensation…this new would-be (most probably) MVP is the Taiwanese Jeremy Lin. True talent never hides. It shows up in one form or the other. This person who has been a bench-warmer all this time suddenly became the strongest contender for the Most Valuable Player award this year. He has been a target of racism before, but as he said, “he got used to it”. Persevering through all that and suddenly amassing such a huge fan following is really a very appreciable feat. He is unique in a lot of ways- for even the biggies (read Kobe Bryant) appreciated this wonder kid from Ivy league.

Jeremy Lin shows that true talent never hides no matter what comes in its path. So, he deserves a big round of applause,praise and  the MVP award. So, we should just wait and see what’s in store for Jeremy…the ring? We’ll wait.